Saturday, October 31, 2015

To My Perfect Love ©

Perfect Love is thinking of you and wanting you always.

Perfect Love is how our bodies mould so well together when we embrace.

Perfect Love is getting the returned kiss as if neither of us could get enough.

Perfect Love is the erotic lust to hold you and touch you and kiss you.

Perfect Love is laying with you and being connected in love.

Perfect Love is holding and squeezing your hand with a playful laugh.

Perfect Love is the innocent and sometimes not so innocent

touching and caressing and kissing of your entire body.

Perfect Love is holding you close in a warm and ecstatic hug

            with the heat of your breasts penetrating my every fibre.

Perfect Love is the exploding of all my desires and seeing this

            reciprocated a hundred times in your response.

Perfect Love is the warm anticipation of just seeing you and being with you.

Perfect Love is the loneliness and sadness we feel when we’re apart.

Perfect Love is the way we continue to passionately entangle our bodies

            after we’ve loved, and the murmured sweet whisperings of

            “I love you and always will!”

Perfect Love is the fond remembrances of passionate embraces

            from too few yesterdays and the way they captivate our thoughts.

Perfect Love is the excited anticipation of all of the tomorrows

            we will spend together.

Perfect Love is the affirmation of our love every time we meet.

Perfect Love is the trust and safety we feel in everything we share together.

Perfect Love is the strength we feel in venturing forth together

            into all the unknowns that life may bring.

Perfect Love is our solemn pledge to love each other forever.

                                                                Bill Longworth

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