Wednesday, June 4, 2014

March of the Faceless People

Artist’s Inspiration for the Painting---
The Occupy Movement and Increasing Concentration of Wealth

This "political" painting portrays my sense of social protest and disorder, which is presently engulfing the world, and specifically, The Occupy Movement in the west.

Even with draconian laws and the mass slaughter of protesters, there is little that governments can do to limit dissent.  In fact, government measures to control dissent aggravates the situation (Toronto G20 Summit), calling more people into the fray.

Perhaps the world is becoming ungovernable.

The root causes of dissent are usually quite legitimate, and often a function of the exploiting nature of the rich and powerful.

With enough passion for their cause, and communication, promotion, and organizing talent, the modern Pied Pipers of Hamelin, dancing their way through the streets, can attract a following.   The music and social interaction soon turns to a party atmosphere promoting group cohesion and attracting others to join the party.

Protesters in the crowd remind me of watching a shepherd at work in China where I worked.  After mobilizing the sheep, the herder directed their movement by casually throwing rocks on either side of the lead animal.  All of the others followed mindless behind.  Similarly, this herd mentality was used widely by North American native peoples to drive herds of buffalo to their death over “Buffalo-Leap” cliffs.  And this herd mentality is no less strong among humans!

This herding characteristic of people is used by advertisers, politicians, opinion leaders, tacticians, propagandists, charlatans, hucksters, shysters, peddlers, scammers, fraudsters, and medicine men, "The Pied Pipers," all to sell their brand, their idea, or their political party and leader.

It is regrettable that so many mindless and faceless people are attracted "to the party" without being more cognizant of where they could put their energies, their beliefs, their support, and their actions to bring real change to the problem.                     

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